Sara shoots a fan down

  • Tegan: Where would you take Sara?
  • Fan: Where do you wanna go?
  • Tegan: Where are you gonna take her?
  • Fan: My bedroom!
  • Tegan: I didn't hear, what did they say?
  • Fan: My bedroom!
  • Tegan: Her bedroom.
  • Sara: Oh, no thank you. I'm not that kinda girl.
  • Tegan: Sara likes a movie and dinner first.
  • Sara: I was actually gonna say could you take me back in a time machine to when Fantasyland was Fantasyland and things were awesome? Well, I didn't mean to publicly shoot you down, but you did publicly ask me out and I just want you to know that I am kind of the sort of girl that you would have to romance, and I wouldn't just go to your bedroom. You seem like you have a lot of things going for you, for example you're very extroverted and obviously very confident, and that potentially will help you it whatever business it is that you choose to pursue. and I mean "business" on a lot of different levels.



Tegan-I’ve got the square jaw, and even though we’re about the same size my face looks twice the size of hers but it’s really just because I’ve got a stronger jaw. But she’s got the heart shaped face, she kind of looks like Alyssa Milano. When Alyssa Milano was on the cover of Maxim a few years ago I almost puked. I was like “It’s Sara! Uhh!”


Let’s just remind ourselves of the fact that this is how Tegan sees her sister.

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update: camp takota is still good

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I can’t be the only person who thought very dirty things after seeing that selfie of Sara looking all innocent with that cherry between her fingers…

I don’t think a single person thought anything innocent tbh.

I don’t even think Sara was thinking innocent thoughts when she posted it, I think it was carefully planned out to do to all of us what it did. Sara is aware of such things.

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